Environmental Management System The Virtuoso of Vanguard in Five Movements   I. Compliance Gap Analysis      Virtually all Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) compliance laws imposed upon industry (93% in fact!) are based on three elements: Chemical Hazards Thresholds Regulatory Mandates This imposes a challenge requiring due diligence that some industry executives have not stopped to consider. Vanguard’s $25,000,000 intellectual property – the largest regulatory compliance database of its kind – screens each client’s facility against specific regulatory benchmarks established by the EPA, OSHA, DOT and Homeland Security plus state, county and local regulatory agencies. This is why EHS audits alone offer nominal benefit. II. Regulatory Compliance Agenda (RCA) Did you ever want someone to give you a chart listing all the regulatory compliance laws, then provide your own site-specific requirements for which laws mandate compliance and which don’t? Vanguard’s one-of-a-kind technology does just that, reducing the client’s Regulatory Compliance Agenda to only those issues required by law, saving the client time and money. III. Decision Matrix & Regulatory Calendar Vanguard’s compliance power tools help you make smart decisions on compliance priorities through your own site-specific Decision Matrix and Regulatory Calendar to meet deadlines throughout each compliance year. IV. Turnkey Compliance Vanguard files all reports, permits and documents to appropriate regulatory agencies by mandated compliance deadlines, while you continue doing what you do best… operating your company for maximum productivity. V. Defensible Documentation Each compliance project performed by Vanguard is supported by defensible documentation, inspection-ready for enforcement officers. Inspectors nationwide are well aware of Vanguard’s reputation for precision due-diligence and compliance mastery, turning an inspection into a veritable “coffee break” for your EHS Manager and the inspector.