Vanguard’s Four   Primary Benefits It’s Easier to Stay Out of Trouble Than to Get Out of Trouble! W HEN the government sets enforcement penalty policies at $55,907 per day, Industry executives face significant risks on a myriad of regulatory compliance laws. Vanguard addresses these risks in the form of four client benefits, the equivalent of a grandslam homerun. After all, it’s easier to stay out of trouble than it is to get out of trouble! Risk Management Against Enforcement Penalties There are four penalties in every violation. 1. The civil fine 2. Attorneys’ fees are usually 30% to 50% above the underlying fine 3. Lost productivity costs, suffered through one-to-three years of litigation, easily exceed monetary penalties 4. Violators are placed on inspectors’ “hit lists” through regulatory agency network These risks must be managed.   Legislative Updating Regulatory compliance laws evolve by about 30% per year through amendments, reauthorization, and newly-enacted laws. Vanguard alerts the client with regulatory updates, ready to provide the right kind of expertise when such times arrive.   Economic Benefits: Flat-Rate Fees vs. Excessive “Billable Hours” Regulatory compliance must be cost-effective. That’s why Vanguard’s philosophy on cost is based on flat-rate, reasonable fees for each turnkey service, as opposed to the exorbitant scheme of “billable hours.”   Representation in the Event of Enforcement Inspections & Regulatory Intervention Every compliance project Vanguard performs comes with defensible documentation, an inspection showpiece to be shared with an inspector at a moment’s notice. This is evidencebased compliance at its best!