EMS Online!   July 2017 Launch… An Unparalleled Success! In July 2017, Vanguard introduced its Environmental Management System in a digital, web-based technology. EMS Online! allows any company throughout the United States to access its sitespecific regulatory compliance program via the Internet. Many years in the making, EMS Online! is now a reality! EMS Online! features technologies available to the client that simply cannot be provided through binders and hard copy renditions representative of the client’s compliance. Binders, paperwork, and shelf displays are now completely eliminated. Distance and access to Vanguard’s mission control are virtually eliminated. One of the most important features is the real-time advantage of updating one’s compliance program 365 days a year. With many value-added benefits, Vanguard’s SDS MasterMind comes with the program at no extra charge. Of course, Vanguard’s turnkey services are still inherent and operational to meet the client’s regulatory compliance challenges. EMS Online! brings your company’s compliance to life, right on your computer, tablet, or cell phone. Welcome to web-based compliance at its finest! Go to www.vanguardenvl.com for a description and demo of the five major components EMS Online!, all managed through the power of the Internet.